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Market-defining venture firms built with women.

We connect limited partners with best-in-class venture firms. Our core focus is on firms with women in leadership roles delivering superior returns.

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This is happening:

Women are an asset class.

Women outperform their male peers by 35% on average.
Women-led funds represent over 25% of top quartile performers.?
Women-founded exits have increased 16% year-over-year.?

Women are extremely attractive because they source different deal flows, invest in unique opportunities, and drive superior returns.

PS: The greatest women investors act with a chip on their shoulders.

Our goal is to turn this into an undeniable truth.

When you invest with Sinefine, you invest in an unfair share of the best venture capitalists in the market.

(see-nay fee-nay)

1. latin for “without end” 2. limitless

Sinefine will change the women-led venture landscape forever. It’s an incredible mission led by this generation of women founders; but it’s ultimately a vision for my daughters, your daughters, all daughters to step into the world with the conviction that their future is sinefine—limitless.

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