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Investing in Sinefine means access to some of the best returns in the market.

Some of our greatest investments will be led by tried-and-true GPs and tech operators. Others will be led by provocative journalists, gruff CTOs or insatiable entrepreneurs with less trackable investment records.

With each GP in the Sinefine portfolio, we build more exclusive access to top tier, differentiated return streams—and we will do this at the lowest possible fees.

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This is happening:

Women are an asset class.

We make up 29% of the top quartile performers.
90% of all women-led funds are emerging managers.?
75% of institutional LPs can’t access funds below $300 million.

This is our pipeline.

These women will launch and build the next top-tier venture capital firms—and we will partner with the best-in-class.

You’re in pursuit of differentiated, outsized returns.

We deliver.

The best return stream for TAMs too small to access.
We’ve got the network. You get the top-performing funds.
Get real-time insights. Not just quarterly reports.

We have a track record of constructing a unique, outperforming portfolio.

Our founder, Yasmine (“Yas”), spent the last decade of her career at Drive Capital, where she built an emerging manager fund-of-funds in effort to generate outsized returns in underrepresented markets. This “Pitt Crew” program helped Drive’s team source more ideas and gain market share.

Yas loves the managers she partnered with—just ask them!  This wasn’t her first rodeo, but definitely her first lead role. Her investment experience began at a multi-billion dollar family office in Zurich, a city much like her current home of Columbus.

What Makes Us Different